Consult your vaccine schedule with Child Specialist. It is important that you know your kids next vaccines.
From procurement to storage and from base point to your kids, we follow WHO standards to maintain and administer vaccines.
Never miss or delay your next vaccine. All scheduling is maintained automatically with SMS and mail notifications.


Frequently Asked Questions

Childhood vaccines are given as per schedule.

BCG, DTaP+HB+HiB+IPV, Pneumococcal (Synflorix/Prevenar), Meningococcal (Menectra/Nimenrix), Chicken Pox (Vericella), Hepatitis A, MMR, Typhoid, Measles.

To know more about vaccines and immunisation you can also visit this link by World Health Organisation

All vaccines are procured from multinational companies including GSK, SNOFI, SII, Pfizer, Wyeth, Sinovac, Merk and others.

Proper cold chain for all vaccines is maintained as per WHO standards both at base and storage point as well as on the go. You can always check the temperature before administering.

You can consult your vaccine schedule with our Child Specialist. Vaccine consultation is FREE. Just send a message and vaccine card of child by messenger or WhatsApp.

Different vaccines have different prices. You can send us your vaccine card to request a free quote. Or just use our FREE CALCULATOR

No, is a private vaccination service. All vaccines are procured from our multinational resources and authorised distributors. You can always counter check prices from market. Donation vaccines by UNICEF are with govt only.

You can book home vaccination online by using this link BOOK NOW.

Book Home Vaccination

All home appointments are administered within 24-48 hours of booking. But keeping in view the situation of Covid-19, you may have to wait little longer.

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Check Your Schedule

It is always important that you check your vaccine schedule, if it is due. If you need any help or have any questions please ask us. Consultation is FREE.


Book Appointment

Parents are facing difficulties regarding their kids’ vaccination. But now it is not a thing of worry. Choose the time of your choice and make an appointment now.


Keep The Kid Ready

Vaccination is always considered a process of stress and discomfort. But at home kids always feel less stress. You just need to keep your kid ready.


Finish Vaccination

Experienced nursing staff will finish the vaccination of kid with minimal contact and maximum protection ensuring your comfort and calm.

While you are staying home!

We are making sure that you stay safe and stay immunized.

All our vaccines are sourced from multinational companies. All vaccines are stored and transported as per WHO standards from points of origin.

All vaccines are consulted with experienced child specialists and administered by vaccination experts.

Vaccination schedules and cards are issued with strong post vaccination followup.

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No need to travel all the way to the hospital and wait for your turn. At, we are providing you quality vaccination services at your door step!

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